Coding Club

High-Quality and In-Person Classes

What makes our classes high quality?
Highly educated content creators and highly skilled teachers: this is our promise to ensure that every student at any level can pick up the school they need for the future.

Why are our classes in person?
The student–teacher relationship has been the key to learning for thousands of years. We believe the personal touch improves focus, boosts engagement and ultimately facilitates a better understanding.

“Our mission is to provide accessible, high-quality STEM education to children of all backgrounds, fostering a love of learning and a passion for technology. We strive to inspire and prepare the next generation of leaders and innovators, creating a world where everyone has the opportunity to achieve their full potential.”

Game coding club
Ages 6+

Experience the power of code first-hand in the mathematical world of game development. Develop a multitude of skills in GUI navigation, 3D modelling, advanced algebra and computer programming.

Game coding club

Maths. Physics. Programming. Fun.

Work through the coding challenges of building advanced games and pick up valuable maths and physics skills along the way.

Robotic Coding club
Ages 6+

We are at the dawn of a robotic age. Learn about the power of electricity and build amazing robots.

Robotic Coding club

AI. IoT. Electricity. Cars and Drones.

Work your way through sensors, cables, power and code. Combine them together to achieve amazing results.

Python Coding club
Ages 10+

Python is the second-most popular coding language in the world. Prepare your children for the technological world of the future.

Pure Coding

Ultimate Prep for a Data-Driven World

Use critical thinking and logic to solve real-world data problems, starting with the fundamentals of Python.

Try a Free Workshop

We provide a complimentary and interactive workshop session – an ideal opportunity for your child to explore the thrilling realm of robotics.