Key Stage 3 and 4

In our secondary booster classes for Years 7–11 in Maths, English and Science, students will be taught the key concepts set by the National Curriculum for these core subjects. We regularly assess in exam conditions and monitor progress.

Our Key Stage 3 booster class sets the foundation for the approaching GCSE exams. This stage, which covers Years 7, 8 and 9, is an important part of the academic journey, and it is often overlooked. Our classes for Key Stage 3 are designed to ensure that students grasp the new topics they are learning, helping them to build their confidence and fill in any gaps or weaknesses in their knowledge.

Key Stage 4 covers Years 10 and 11 at school, when students are completing their GCSE examinations.

  • We understand that your child needs more than just tutoring
  • Motivating and inspiring hand-picked tutors
  • Highest level of interaction
  • Confidence building
  • Group dynamic – average size of 6 with one-to-one tuition for those who need it